Dive deeper into what it means to join ACT.

What is the mission of the Alliance?
Testing will continue to play an important role in the fight against COVID-19 even as vaccination numbers grow. We need comprehensive testing to curb the spread of variants, safeguard the unvaccinated, and support ongoing wellness. Testing can also manage the harm caused by “long haul” COVID conditions and uncover hidden pandemics caused by delayed care and health care disparities.

Quest Diagnostics started ACT with a diverse coalition of nonprofit, community, and business organizations. Beyond COVID-19, ACT recognizes the importance of expanding its focus to broader community wellness and new comprehensive testing resources for other public health challenges, such as the opioid epidemic and drug misuse. We are committed to educating the public on the value of comprehensive testing for the good of public health now and in the future.

Who else is a member of the Alliance?
Please visit our Alliance members page to see the full list of members.
What is the geographic scope?
Our alliance has a broad, national reach, with initial areas of focus in our pilot states: Florida, Massachusetts, Georgia, and Washington DC.
What role does Quest Diagnostics play?
Quest is the leader of the Alliance. We have spearheaded the effort to recruit collaborators at both the national and state/local levels. Quest serves as a resource for Alliance members for information on testing. Quest is also hosting numerous educational events that Alliance members will have access to.
Are there dues involved?
There are no dues required to be a member.
Where do we tell people to get COVID-tested?
How are members expected to participate?
We ask that you help us get the word out and share our resources with your membership/constituency, and that we may list your name and logo publicly on our website.

We also ask that you help us communicate the role that antigen and antibody testing play in helping our communities return to daily life responsibly.

What resources do you provide to members?
The Alliance provides educational resources about community wellness and comprehensive testing information for public health challenges, including resources related to COVID-19 testing as well as the opioid epidemic and drug misuse.